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Our Values


St. Johns Stage has many values that we abide by and instill in each of our students and staff members.  One of these values is kindness.  Here at St. Johns Stage, we encourage all who pass through our doors to treat others with the respect and dignity that they themselves would wish to receive.  Kindness is an important part of the life lessons and moral standards that we value in the very highest caliber.



All of us at St. Johns Stage strive to help our students to grow through many different methods.   We feel that collaboration is one of the most vital methods of learning available.   By collaborating with different artists in their respective art focuses, our students have the opportunity to learn from their peers as well as inspire them.



Here at St. Johns Stage, inclusivity is a value that we hold very dear.   In the world of the Performing Arts, division can become common amongst a studio.  At St. Johns Stage, any form of exclusion is not tolerated.   The Performing Arts is a safe haven for all who seek it.   We believe in being inclusive to all who share our admiration for the arts.

Creativity & Expression

Creativity and Expression are the foundations of the arts.   At St. Johns Stage we are constantly encouraging and challenging our students to find their creative path.   We motivate our students to feel free to express themselves in a safe environment. 


At St. Johns Stage we instill a non-discriminatory attitude in each of our students.   Here at St. Johns Stage we strive everyday to become allies to all people.   We do not tolerate any kind of discriminatory acts or attitudes within our studio.

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