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Uniform Policy

Why are we so passionate about uniforms at

St. Johns Stage?

There are a number of reasons why having a dress code is important to our studio and values.   We are proud to be partnering with DANZAR, a locally owned and operated small business, to provide our students with several top quality uniform options!   

Click below to be taken to our Student Apparel page for uniform details and where to purchase.

Read on to find out why we are such big believers in wearing a uniform at SJS.

In the Spirit of Inclusivity

Wearing a uniform creates a sense of identity and belonging within the studio.  Studio pride is a wonderful way for students to strive to be the best performer they can be and show support for their class.  When all students are wearing a uniform, it prevents cliques or little groups from forming as students feel they are part of one big team rather than smaller friendship circles.

Eliminating Discrimination

Dress codes and/or Uniforms are a reminder that there are rules to follow and respect in the classroom.  Having a set uniform across the board represents the idea that all students are equal.  Ensuring that students are in the same outfit reduces bullying about who’s wearing the coolest brand of clothes or has the best dance shoes.

Practicality and Safety

Uniforms are designed to be a safe and practical outfit for your child to dance in.  The active-wear we have chosen is breathable and designed to move with our students so that they are never uncomfortable.  Having a dress code cuts down on distractions in the classroom and allows the teacher to see a students alignment and posture in order to make corrections.


Inappropriate clothing such as loose fit clothing, metal zippers, and rigid fabrics can be uncomfortable and may become tripping hazards for your student in class, so the safest and most practical solution is to wear your student uniform!

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