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Audition Opportunities

This Summer Intensive is from 10:00am to 3:00pm and will have rehearsals in vocal, acting, and dance training in multiple styles of dance, as well as prop and set design.  All of which is centered around and will culminate with several showings of our productions of:


"Imaginary" Summary

IMAGINARY is an exciting, funny and inspiring musical about the wonder of childhood, the power of the imagination and what it means to grow up.

Milo is Sam’s only friend and they spend all their time together, using only their imaginations to transform their world into a place of adventure and excitement. But as Sam’s first day at a new school approaches, his mother worries that Milo is holding her son back, stopping him from growing up. School turns out to be full of surprises– and secrets. With a cast for all ages, IMAGINARY centers on an enduring friendship with other-worldly twists and turns that change lives forever.

To audition simply prepare 16-measures (one-minute equivalent) of a song in a similar show style.


Saturday, May 18th at 11:00 am

Cost per student is $400 for each Session!

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